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Convergys Call Center Agents Overtime Pay Class Action Lawsuit Complaint

Convergys Call Center Agents File Class Action Lawsuit Against Convergys Over Alleged Failure To Pay Overtime.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Convergys Corp. and Convergys Customer Management Group Inc. (collectively “Convergys” or “Defendants”) in United States District Court For The Eastern District of Texas, alleging, among other things, that Convergys failed to pay overtime to Convergys call center agents who performed work before and after their shifts, purportedly in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA, according to a Convergys overtime pay class action lawsuit news report.

The Convergys overtime pay class action lawsuit complaint reportedly seeks back wages, liquidated damages, court costs, attorney’s fees and interest.

If You Have Thoughts On The Convergys Call Center Agent Overtime Pay Class Action Lawsuit, Share Your Class Action Lawsuit Comments Below.

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  • Booger January 24, 2011, 5:01 pm

    This is true. Most agents have to log into a terminal usually 15 min before your shift starts and then again 5 min before (not a minute sooner )the shift starts you have to log into another system which gives you access to a time clock and other tools. Server issues create a whole new set of problems for the agent. You could also end up having to finish reports after you have clocked out. This could be on average of 10- 15 minutes. If you attempt to do these while still on the clock even though your shift is over and are not taking calls you get into trouble for call avoidance.

    • Jo Nigle January 31, 2011, 10:59 am

      I agree Booger. I worked for Covergys for a few years and know that I never got paid for the time I spent looking for a usable computer and workable place to sit. Half the time the headsets were broken or the monitor or keyboard would not work. The chairs were mostly broken unless you hunted a good one down. I am reading that there are lawsuits going on in Texas and Georgia about this very topic. People, including me, should contact those attorneys and join the lawsuits! I want to be paid for every second I worked for Convergys. That is the law, too!

  • T.J. Edwards February 20, 2011, 1:20 am

    Several years ago I worked at Convergys. If you get pass training its ok. The trainer I had is a shitty guy and treated people like trash. I heard he still does this to people but I bet his day comes. If not I hope he fails in a real professional place because he is so rude unethical and unprofessional. I can see why they got all these lawsuites on them.

  • Justin February 28, 2011, 12:16 am

    If you are a young under-graduate or a fresh graduate who is desperate for a job, then Convergys might just be a temporary stop-gap arrangement. For all others, who are looking for long-term employment, there couldn’t be a worst choice.

    Most of the employees and Team Leaders are young 20 somethings, and there is an unwritten law followed by Convergys to discriminate against anyone older. This is also the case in other call centers and BPOs like Accenture and Ocwen.

    However, if making money is the primary concern, and you do not care about the way you are treated, or about all the unethical and unprofessional practices followed, including impossible performance criteria and partial supervisors, then by all means join Convergys and the rest of the bandwagon!

    • Tashia July 29, 2011, 12:46 pm

      This is so true, this job is great for the young college co-ed with no real responsibilities, which is why convergys set up shop in “college towns and cities” they market and promote the willingness to hire “fresh bodies” and thus keep the turnover rate high. (this i think is to also avoid paying higher employee taxes, but thats another story) also with the young, that means they could care less about ethical business practices…its an uphill battle with Convergys, but i do believe that one day, they will fail!

  • Sad but True March 2, 2011, 8:58 pm

    The Convergys business practices definitely warrant the lawsuit. I can only speak about my previous location and not “blanket statement” the entire company about their practices, but I imagine that if one location is practicing questionable techniques that it trickles down from the top. I was a previous manager for Convergys and despite my attempts at “doing the right thing,” these actions were counterproductive to the strategies of our director and therefore never came to fruition. Best of luck to everyone pursuing what’s rightfully theirs.

  • the albuquerque lay off March 8, 2011, 2:18 pm

    a lot of the folks that got lay off and that worked at the convergys call center in Albuquerque, NM also got the letter to accept the amount that they were placing on it and refuse and decline them rights to do farther actions like law sues, is anybody working with us? why did we got the letter too??? why others got a check instead??? and why Convergys didn’t pay us for the PTO that we earn in the last two weeks that we worked before our lay off date?

    • Frank Yingst March 24, 2013, 6:37 pm

      So they provided notice? How strange I received no notice at all when I got “laid off” as they called it. Obviously I wasn’t really laid off they just called it that.

  • Beppy March 21, 2011, 11:23 am

    Convergys, Orem, Utah eliminated 29 AT&T high-tech jobs during early 2010, with two-weeks notice of layoff, due to work-in-progress having to be transferred to an AT&T in-house facility in Eastern Europe. Fortunately those employees qualified for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) benefits from the federal government.

    Problem is Convergys management tried to cheat layed off employees out of unemployment insurance by claiming that since they didn’t apply for a new job on another account like anyone else that walked in off the street, filled out an application, and took what’s referred to as the computerized call center “walk and chew gum test,” they were considered to have quit Convergys and were not entitled to unemployment pay.

    An Administrative Law Judge from Utah Workforce Services granted unemployment to the employees and actually had to read the statutory definition of a “job offer” to a Convergys Senior Operations Manager; that’s how stupid management at the Orem, Utah Convergys site is.

    Another annoying thing about Convergys management is that they beat around the bush and told employees that since management thought MOST employees could be moved to other accounts, severance pay would probably not be paid. The fact is, Convergys doesn’t pay severance pay to floor agents, but won’t come right out and admit it, like it’s a proprietary secret.

    It’s really disgusting how Convergys treats its Orem, Utah employees (US Postal Service and Direct TV customer service agents) and tries to cheat them every chance it gets.

    • Frank Yingst March 24, 2013, 6:40 pm

      If you take the severance pay you agree to drop any lawsuit against Convergys and not to file a lawsuit against them in the future. I did not sign this agreement so got no severance pay.

  • whistleblower March 30, 2011, 7:07 pm

    Convergys Corporation NGA HRM is currently filing an extension to overtime back pay to salaried employees in 5 states, claiming that these positions were of a professional nature. http://www.cincinnatienquirer.com

  • garrett March 30, 2011, 9:41 pm

    You may want to get in with the Ohio and Florida Dept.s of Labor, as they both have ongoing investigations into the Wage & Hours practices of Convergys.

    Ohio Office (513) 684-2908

    • BEG March 10, 2012, 10:29 pm

      How bout do you know the link/contact info for TEXAS attorneys that are actively pursuing?!

  • Justin Lee April 22, 2011, 7:34 pm

    Yes, you can be written up for call center avoidance. Which can lead up to termination. Also, if you address anything the company might be doing unethically, watch out. They will pull all the supervisor and trouble calls under review. They dont provide you with documentation on your quality reports. Convergys trys to get all the documentation staked in their favor should someone bring a legal charge against them.

    • Brioli May 31, 2011, 2:10 pm

      Yes, they prevent you from having any documentation by restricting your ability to save anything within their system, and the management team will barely respond if you use your personal email address (because you can save it!)

  • Beppy April 23, 2011, 4:04 pm

    “Also, if you address anything the company might be doing unethically, watch out.”

    That’s an understatement! Convergys in Orem, Utah will not rehire employees who demand that Convergys comply with the law. Plenty of warm naive bodies from the two local universities to fill the sweatshop ranks.

    One example is that in Utah, employees separated by Convergys (layed off or fired) are required to be paid all wages within 24-hours of an employer initiated separation. Converys would rather make them wait for the regular payday to get their check. The catch is that the demand must be made in writing. Many Utah employees don’t know that unless they read the law for themselves or someone tells them; a fact that Convergys doesn’t want all employees to know about.

    Convergys will either claim employees demanding their wages timely failed the agent computer test (walk & chew gum test) when applying for a new job and refuse to tell them their score, or just ignore them if they reapply for a new job.

    I hear that a lawyer is currently interviewing former Utah Convergys employees in order to file a class action lawsuit for wrongful termination.

    • Brady Scadden July 24, 2012, 10:34 pm

      I have just been fired by Convergys from one of their Utah sites for what they call misconduct on my end. I was forced to sign a written warning for what they have called “excessive breaks” which are nothing more than quick runs to the bathroom to do my bodily functions. In this write up, they threaten me with further progressive counselling if I continue to clock into any extra unscheduled breaks to use the restroom. I was told by my supervisor that I needed to wait until one of my scheduled breaks or lunches if I needed to go relieve myself. Long story short, I was working an 11 hour shift last Saturday and was only given two 10min breaks and a half hour lunch to be able to relieve myself, while still be in compliance with the terms of my write up. I asked my supervisor in chat if I could use the restroom because I still had an hour left of my shift but no more scheduled breaks. He failed to respond to my request and I ended up urinating myself while on a call. 12min after this, he writes me back in chat telling me that I have 5min to run to the bathroom. Because of this incident, they suspended me without pay and put me under an investigation. They finished the investigation on Monday at which time I received a call from a different TL and not my own, notifying me that I had been terminated because of the incident on the floor where I urinated myself because I wasn’t allowed to go to the restroom because it wasn’t during my scheduled break time. I am now unemployed and have no other source of income that will provide food and shelter for my family until I find another job.

      • Frank Yingst March 24, 2013, 6:32 pm

        Anyone ever receive a copy of their application they filled out? Should you not receive a copy since there is a legal agreement above where you sign? HR will not supply me with a copy. Does anyone have any applications from 2007/2008 timeframe?

  • Kobe2324 May 2, 2011, 12:57 pm

    I worked at Convergys for almost three years an when I first started there everything was great. Six months later everything went down hill TL(Team Leaders) could careless about there agents and I was being overlooked for a TL job that I knew I was qualified for. Then my mom became ill and I had to take her to the hospital and miss work days. I had a doctors note for everytime I missed work but yet none of my abscents came off my record. I asked my TL and OM why and they said they want the best thing for me to do is to get on FMLA (Family Medical Leave)an I did the FMLA rep at the corprate office told me that all my previous and future abscent would come off my record and everytime I was out due to my mothers illness it wouldn’t count against me. Well a week or two afterwards I was called to a new OM office and was being fired. When I told them what the FMLA rep told me they said that it didn’t matter I was over the 12 point system that installed when I had 10 abscent that where to be removed. I lost my car an had my place because of this it took me almost six months to find another job

  • Chris May 26, 2011, 11:19 pm

    In April 2011, most every employee at Convergys and Northgate got letters from the Ohio Dept of Labor launching a full investigation. What’s next for CVG?

  • James June 4, 2011, 8:42 am

    Well if you think thats bad then you need to hear this one. First off I have worked in other call centers for over 15 years. the last 5 I spent working and then killing myself by going to school at night to get a degree to get out of the call center sweat shops. I was successful however I had to take a job at convergys in 2009 as I could not get a job in my chosen field. I was told I would be working for Walgreens as a pharmacy technician @$10 an hr and would have 2 years to ge certified as a tech and convergys would possibly pay for the training or I would get re-imbursed. It was a new project and hastily Convergys threw together some half witted training program because you can only work for convergys for 2 years as a call center tech before the state requires all techs to be fully certified. Well the training program in short requires you to be fully prepared to be certified in 8 classes of 2 hours each and at least 3 hours of homework a night. Training was during my shift and paid, homework was of course unpaid. I spent the same time preparing for the test and training as I did college and I can tell you these people are crazy. Its impossible to do this, it would be the equivalent of asking you to pass the bar exam in 6 months from coming in off the street. Question is how ethical is this? I have spent at least 60 hours of my own time studying only to maybe know 1/6 of what I need to pass the test. Convergys has failed to get one person to pass the state board test and is claiming they will fire anyone that doesnt pass UNLESS you choose to continue to study, ask the board for an extension and YOU pay the $129 to take it again. I you do pass you then sign a contract that you stay at Convergys for an additional year to pay for the test. ON top of that there has been no mention of any bonus,raise, or incentive if you do pass the test. Again how ethical? To add insult to injury they have stated an employee would have no way to seek unemployment since you knew you had to do the training and you knew you had to be certified. BTW your passing the test DOES not allow you to go into a store setting since you have not been trained to anything physical re: labeling, mixing compounds,inventory, etc. IN fact my only job is dealing with druggies, and struggling old people to fill prescriptions I do nothing except add orders and send them to the pharmacy. Problem is Im smarter than them I know the state protects us “little workers” who are the backbone of such profiteers and take the most heat and get paid less than poverty wages. In 2010 Walgreens posted profits of 17.8 billion while the use 6 year old equipment and paid less then someone working for Dominoes. I can certainly tell you this is the fodder of class action suits. What makes them stupid is they were already caught and prosecuted. My supervisor just told me I need to check my SOPS during my breaks and lunches, again taking more my precious time. Lastly they have alot of people scared and fooled. The economy is making people cling to this job like its in corporate America, unfortunately I think this last endeavor is about to blow up in their face. Question I live in AZ in and take calls from FL. There is a convergys center in FL and we have been taking more of their calls each month did they already try this in FL and fail?

    • nnaoj June 9, 2011, 4:26 am

      You think working in the call center is bad, I’m a home agent and when ever there is a system issue you are to clock out and work on resolving the issue and don’t get paid. If it is determined that the problem is with you internet, not only do you not get paid, you get counted absent. this class action suit is the best thing that can every happen. Convergys is a beaker of many labor laws EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, ADA and I know this for a fact. I hope this law suit teaches them a lesson that they will never forget.

      • disablednotdumb April 29, 2013, 4:10 pm

        I just filed a complaint with the EEOC because they refused to comply with my disability accommodations from my Dr. They treat work at home employees and older people like dirt! If any other work at home disabled person reads this and you’ve had issues with them too, pls contact me. I’d love to have an age and disability discrimination suit against them.

        • shafiyq August 12, 2013, 9:29 am

          disablednotdumb how do I get in contact with you

  • Robin June 9, 2011, 5:09 pm

    The convergys in East Texas, particularily Longview is by far the worst place to work for! #1 I have congestive heart failure and take lasix, they knew this! because I take lasix I have to use the restroom ALOT!! I would have to look for a desk and a working computer on MY time! and usually found one usually 15 – 30 mins after getting to work. and then I would be so far from the rest room, I would be running back and forth literally to the restroom that it became a problem and I have gotten written up alot for call avoidance when I was using the restroom so I wouldn’t have any accidents! I also have severe Asthma and vertigo and was on intermittent fmla because of my medical issues. Call center work is the only work I can find that I can do and Convergys treats their workers probably in the worse way possible. When I was terminated for “call avoidance”, it took me 15 weeks to find another job. and I am still fighting to get my unemployment from convergys! I worked for them for 2 1/2 years, and at the 2 yr mark they were looking for ways to get rid of me. I need to get on this class action lawsuit!

    • BEG March 10, 2012, 10:21 pm

      Hello Robin! I totally understand ya there! Please, EMAIL ME!!!! I work at this location right now….

    • BEG March 10, 2012, 10:28 pm

      I don’t even know if my email that I have entered shows for you or not…. I am new to this site….

  • Stacy August 4, 2011, 6:20 pm

    I’m so glad to see people finally speaking out about this company. I have worked in call centers for 15 years and have seen many things. Convergys is by far the worst. They are breaking laws from every walk imaginable. They are preventing anyone from being able to prove a thing, and it’s going to come back on them. They are a company that needs to be shut down, but because the “big money” clients are oblivious of their insane and illegal practices it’s going to take some time. Speak up everyone, and jump on the bandwagon….One thing about Convergys, a lot of people have worked for them, so there are a lot of witnesses to their illegal practices….all across the USA and the world. If you are not immoral, unethical, and willing to do illegal things…your gone…

  • C.K. August 23, 2011, 9:13 am

    To anyone considering employment with Convergys, think twice about this decision. If absolutely necessary, work through the paid training while seeking other viable employment options. From the start of training the trainer began to make statements that did not seem to align with appropriate workplace conduct and at one time, I spotted him standing behind me, staring and grinning. Later, sexual jokes were made by him regularly, and he started to display an overly aggressive sexual attitude on Facebook. It ultimately reached a point that I would not be able to promote within the company because his remarks became more direct and I found feigning ignorance a more effective solution until he continued to press forward. When I submitted a complaint to HR, they never directly addressed the issue and allowed the behavior to continue. I was moved into the same department as the trainer and his supervisor enjoyed instigating the problem and even conducted personal phone calls off business time in order to discuss the problem. I had to speak to HR at least two more times, and still no results. The trainer, although I was theoretically a peer, continued to criticize my work and make not so indirect passes which was seen by peers and coworkers, alike. Eventually, he was terminated for performance but after nearly four years he spent with the company, I firmly believe his firing was indirectly related to the harassment. No sooner than he was fired, my work began to be scrutinized and documentation followed even the smallest of errors. My employee file was lost or discarded of by management and I was asked to sign all documentation in the former file – which I declined. An operation manager spent her entire day monitoring my calls and terminated me as soon as she found an error. She called the following day to advise me of the termination and I disconnected the phone call without a thank you or goodbye. In order to receive respect, you have to give it. I am in talks with an attorney for a possible lawsuit involving discriminatory workplace practices, hostile workforce and retaliation, lost wages and attorney fees, since I also reached out to the EEOC. I’m hoping the lawyer sees a case here and if so, I will encourage her to move right along with things.

  • Tammie Howard September 16, 2011, 11:51 pm

    I worked for convergys in Chattanooga Tn. for a little over 9 months. They let me go Monday because a Team Leader told me to transfer a call to access card depart. it was wrong. TL would get talked to but I was fired. Said Directv red flagged the call, according to the office of the president of dtv, that didn’t happen. You don’t get paid when you auto log in, you only get paid when you clock inbound phone time. I was on overtime and my TL had me clock coaching and I didn’t get my overtime pay. I furnished them with a Dr’s note stating I only had one kidney, and got wrote up for taking 2 extra brks to run to the restroom. I was like I have had 3 bladder infections since working here , and its going to ruin the only kidney I have. TL told me she wanted me fired and told me to my face she went and ask them to fire me, because I worked 2 jobs. The 2 operations managers she went to didn’t do it. So she waited till they got a new one and this one did it. Then I had to call my husband to come pick me up, this operations manager and this huge TL came flying outside and yelled for me to get off the property and go stand on the street, I explained I was waiting on someone to come get me and she said doesn’t matter, you can wait on the street. Which it was after 6 and not safe. They bullied me off the property and I had to walk all the way to the street. I am 50 yrs old this was nuts what was I going to do to them. Except they wanted to show everyone outside this could be you. Then went to get my seperation notice only to be told you have to come back sometime next week. The head HR woman is out till sometime next week. This one TL made my time at work awful omg there were days, I would just cry because I was so scared they were going to fire me and I really needed my job. I was the only one working and had a family to support. I truly didn’t want to go up there and even bother with the seperation notice, I was so afraid they might embarrass me again or worse. As you know to file unemployment you have to have it. So I kept someone on the phone the whole time, so that they could hear what was said by both of us.

  • Tammie Howard September 17, 2011, 12:17 am

    Yea I went to HR also about the TL who I was bullied by and Donna the HR lady, told me that maybe this job wasn’t for me. I wasn’t the job it was the harrassment. That is what I told her also. Oh and lets not forget about the survey they made us take, saying that noone would know what you said. Well everything I said came back to bite me. I stated in there that I thought it was wrong that when you are in trouble, or getting fired that they do this in the middle of the floor so everyone can hear. It should be done in a more private setting. Yea well when they let me go they took me to the back area and told me away from everyone else. Still walked me out like I was a child. Still came outside like a raging bull and yelled at me about getting off their property. Everyone who answered it honestly is now getting red flags. Even though I have their red flag policy and what they fired me over is not in there at all. Have to love it also when they tell you we are your advocate, really please I hope noone ever advocates for me like that again. I want every dime I earned from that place. Also you don’t get a copy of your check, its direct deposited or put on a card, but you can’t see it unless you work there, they don’t send you a copy of it. Then an accountant would have to go over it with a fine tooth comb, you can’t make heads or tails of it at all. TL’s can go in there and change your time punches anytime they want, we have watched them do it. That place is the worse place on earth to work !!!!!! I might end up loosing my home, but atleast I can breath now. Oh they had an agent die on the floor at his desk and amblance came and it was business as usual. Yea great company.

  • unanimous September 18, 2011, 6:46 am

    Heads up on this topic on Convergys wrongful acts! The most thing they like to do is that they are having employees sign contractual agreements before hand which makes there acts a premeditated act and than they will attack you on them. They say you agreed to this and that you have been informed. Kind of sounds like they are making you fall for a trap by “using you” for a witness against yourself, which makes it illegal to your Constitutions in about the 5th amendment! Just ask them before you sign, if they want you to break one of the amendments to the Constitution Of The United States by giving you a contract that makes you a witness against yourself? You all that have worked there know what i am talking about! Show some merits to the complaint that you are seeking so we all can know exactly what they are doing. Thank You for the time for you all to read this.

  • anony September 25, 2011, 7:58 pm

    Try Convergys in New Glasgow. I hear they are a dysfunctional group lately. Bullies from the top down using single mothers who need jobs to bully. They will be reported here in Nova Scotia! Watch the bluenosers!!

  • I smelled the Coffee September 27, 2011, 9:14 pm

    I work for Convergys in Clarksville TN!!! I am currently seeking employment else where. I know that everyone who has commented on the site they are employed at or have worked at is basically telling the truth!!! Please be careful before you work here!

  • Teresa September 28, 2011, 12:33 am

    I was terminated on Saturday from Convergys in Valdosta, Ga. This company is impossible to work for. I wanted to quit from the beginning but I am glad I stuck it out until they found a “reason” to fire me. I got a 2nd red flag for not giving the disclosure for free hd access. I am so glad I did not sign up for their ‘free’ Direct tv service. Out of my training class of 22 that started in April 2011, there are now only 3 left in employment with the company.

    The problem is – the training sucks, you get a different response to every question depending on who you ask, computers are always on the blink, someone will take your computer while you are on break for 10 minutes or lunch break, you are rated based on schedule adherence but the schedule changes regularly right in the middle of a call. This is the WORST place I have ever worked. Only lasted 5 months but it seemed like 5 years of misery!

    • Teresa October 17, 2011, 11:35 pm

      So, now I find out that when a Convergys employee gets fired, they do not get the sales bonus for the mandatory sales that were made in the prior 30 days. Also, I thought when I was auto-logged onto computer before signing into all applications, etc., that my pay started at that time. Now I find out that is not correct. So, I worked at least 5 minutes every day at the beginning of my shift and did not get paid for it. So, for every 12 days, I worked an hour for which I did not get paid. And I was there for 5 months. Minimally, I was cheated out of 12.5 hours at $7.50/hour for a total of $93.75. This does not take into account that there may have been some overtime hours incurred here.

      What a lousy way to treat employees!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kathleen Bloomer December 5, 2013, 9:46 pm

        Class Action lawsuit against them for this… Join it.., call Jesse Brar in Salt Lake City Ut (801) 269-9541.

  • jasmine October 26, 2011, 9:46 pm

    This is a horrible company to work for and 99% of the post are very accurate. The pay isn’t all that great either when you have the local cable company paying way more for basically the same job and with way better treatment .The supervisors are all full of crap and two faced in the valdosta Ga call center. The call center is filthy from top to bottom. The computers are so old and out date. The majority of the computers in the call center are so slow or don’t even work and loaded with viruses. It is just a matter of time before customer information is compromised. Favoritism runs rampant in the call center with certain representatives. The scheduling department is a joke. They will give you a schedule and change it at a drop of a dime. Harass you to death if you are absent from work. Cheat you out of overtime and sales bonuses, fire you for some of the craziest things. If you win prizes they have the nerve to deduct taxes from your check, god forbid if you win a small prize they tax that too. The place has just about employed everybody in the city and nobody has nothing nice to say about them not even the department of labor. This lawsuit has been a long time coming. I hope there is many more law suits to come. This place is a hell hole and needs to be ran completely out of valdosta. Most of the customer serivce employees are dedicated to the job and just put up with the crap for the sake of a job because there is not a whole lot of jobs in the area and since they have no other competiton they just treat people any kinda way and get away with it. Most will just keep silent and suffer and just let the abuse continue on. I used to work for them and they made it a point to make my life miserable I was one of the few lucky ones to get umemployement.

    • janet December 7, 2011, 2:37 pm

      I also worked at the Convergys in Valdosta as a BGI agent. I was one of the top sales people as a bgi agent won tickets to Daytona Coca Cola 400,Vizio flat screen tv and an ipod along with some other small prizes along with certificates of acknowledgement for my performance but due to an ops manager was fired on my seperation notice the reason was for lack of performance and productivity. Imagine that!!!!! That is why I got on this site to find out what I can do about being wrongfully terminated but I’m sure I can get included in getting ripped off on the pay also I plan on contacting this attorney to find out what I need to do

  • Lenoire D February 12, 2012, 11:46 pm

    What I have read of the first three comments are true and correct. I have gotten to work 30 to 45 minutes early and had to walk around and be logged in late serval times because of now workable headset or monitors and no available sets. I had to find a team leader or supervisor and let them know that I was reporting for work and could not find an available set. One I got a set I had to log into the computer and the phone system and then log into a portal that had all of the necessary windows to service the customers. I was also not compensated for hours worked for overtime, time before my shift and time after my shift. I want the money for my hours and I feel that they cheated me out of wages because of that. I got my bonuses that I earned for doing a job well done, but please the company should have paid us because worked before and after shifts to do reports on troubled calls, problems logging in and out of the phone required another report that had to be submitted on a form that required you to fill it out so that you could be paid. It was sheer insanity, sheer insanity. But the problems did not start when you walked into the call center the problems started in the parking lot. It took up to 20 minutes trying to find a parking space, and microwave ovens, if you did not come in 10 minutes before your lunch break was over then you were late because someone else may have taken your computer then the struggle begins all over again trying to find a seat to log into a computer that worked and to be counted as late even though you have been searching for an available computer. This meant you had to stay after work to fill out a form stating that you weren’t late but you just could not find a computer. You weren’t allowed to keep your computer while on lunch break. It’s crazy, I don’t want to ever have to do call center work again.
    Lenoire D.

  • Deanna March 9, 2012, 4:29 am

    I worked at home for Convergys for nearly 3 years. I was fired for only being able to sell 97.1% of contacts. No kidding!
    Needless to state: I got Unemployment Compensation. Eat me, Convergys!

  • michelle April 5, 2012, 4:17 am

    I currently work at this nightmare. I am pretty savvy about Labor laws and employment laws, and realized from the first week that they completely violate the FSLA by not compensating employees for all of time they spend, looking for computer, logging in and out of 5 programs over 13 times a day (that alone accounts for average of 75 minutes per day you are not getting paid, and phones and basic MANDATORY programs, much less OT rate of time and a half, this x 5 days a week at 12 bucks and hour , equals over 7 hours per week which should be paid at 18 bucks an hour, equaling 126 bucks per week, x 52 weeks a year …adding up to a whopping…2552.oo bucks per year, per employee , without interest. I don’t understand how they have been able to get away with this ( they employ 65,000 employees cheating them out of this 2552.00 annually..even at the starting minimum wage 315,000 grand per year!!! To boot , all this logging in and out of these mandat0ry programs/login phones in order to perform you basic job funtion….causes you to be “tardy” almost every day( tardy equals one minute from your schedule time)., Because it takes 6-7 minutes to to a input all these web addresses/passwords and random crap, then get fired if you have these points against you. Ive worked there not even 3 months and have already received a written reprimand that states if I “continue to be “tardy”, despite arriving 15 minutes early EVERY DAY..which serves no purpose as your computer will not allow you to login anytime more than 5 minutes (unpaid) before your shift. And don’t even get me started on the hundreds of emails you receive and “are responsible to respond to” and “acknowledge, on your own time after work/at lunch or break (if you are lucky enough to get one) . And the “tardy correction sheets” 3/4 days a week, finding your Team leader to accept it ( God knows where they are) so you don’t get fired for being “tardy” and not”adhering to your schedule”. Like I swipe my badge every day 15 minutes before your shift, and this swipe is DOCUMENTED , so they know you are in the building at work…( my supervisor even TOLD me) Believe me, I would not be there even one second extra than was absolutely required….I certainly ain’t going there for fun. And I am not some idiot, I have a Masters degree from a prestigious university, and 100% on all of my scores to date. These people are absolute lunatics and entirely unapologetic about their immoral and illegal practices, swindling employees out of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Seriously, does anyone know if there is a current class-action in Utah….I definitely want to be included, with all the back pay and penalties, damages, legal fees they are going to pay out millions…and I want my fair share of the cash!Absolutely worst place EVER to work!

    • Brady Scadden July 24, 2012, 10:58 pm

      I have a consultation with an Attorney on Thursday (7/26/2012) to find out what kind of case I have against Convergys for being terminated wrongfully and illegally. Long story short is that I got written up for “excessive breaks” that were nothing but bathroom breaks taken during shifts that were 10 or more hours long. I got told that I need to use the bathroom during my scheduled breaks and lunch and that I can no longer take any extra breaks to use the restroom. The day after I got that write up, I pissed my pants because my supervisor never responded to my question in chat where I asked if I could use the restroom. He finally responded to my question and gave me permission to take 5min to go pee, but the only problem was that his response came 12min after I had already urinated all over myself and my chair. In turn, I got suspended without pay while I was investigated over the matter and ended up being terminated for what they are calling misconduct. Wish me luck with my consultation on Thursday. Convergys thinks that by firing me without allowing me to plead my case against illegal and immorale work standards, that I am just going to go away. I’m filing this lawsuit for not just me, but for anyone who has ever gotten screwed over or mistreated in any way whatsoever, and for the people who still work for this filthy and evil Corporation and is too afraid to stand up for what is right without fear of being punished for it.

    • Kathleen Bloomer December 5, 2013, 9:48 pm

      Yes there is …Attorney Jesse Brar (801) 269-9541

  • steve April 30, 2012, 1:39 am

    I agree with all of the above, most offensive is nit being paid for the time you work. All gotta say is the lawsuit is long overdue. I’m surprised a company this large, would be so stupid as to violate labor laws. Nickle and diming your employees just doesn’t seem smart. Risking lawsuits and the cost of litigation by corporate attorneys…just seems like poor business practice. Especially with all the various types of lawsuits mentioned above (hostile workplace, wrongful termination, labor act violations etc) .Maybe if the treated their workers right, paying them for time worked, operating in a way that wasn’t primarily negative. with the threat of being fired for any little thing.,they wouldn’t go blow thru employees like water. Just form a cost/benefit perspective the cost of “training” these people, such only to find them quitting in short order; I wonder if the companies the contract with have any idea what the actual job was like…they would probably back out of the contract.

    • Duayne July 7, 2012, 2:53 am

      Convergys can “blow thru employees like water” because every Convergys in North America is within a few miles of a college/university. Plenty of warm bodies to exploit and discard.

  • Patricia May 1, 2012, 12:38 pm

    I was injured on the job in March 2011 at the Taylorsville location of Convergys. The exact day and time, March 17, 2011 at 1:25pm. I had like 5 points at the time and I was not to get anymore after that injury, plus I was pregnant as well. I ended up with 11.75 points by the time I went on leave for 9 weeks and then came back. I was supposed to take the full training again for 7 weeks, instead they made me just do OJT for two weeks, which sucked. I forgot most of everything I had learned and they didn’t care. I ended up quitting after three weeks of being back. I have gotten to the point where it is hard for me to stand up for longer than 20 minutes without wanting to lean on something and sit down for more than 2 hours. I hate Convergys. They caused my injury and they should pay.

    • Me July 15, 2012, 10:44 pm

      go talk to a workers comp attorney to see if you have a case, if injured at work you could get workers comp and it will pay you back wages and injury comp

  • ED May 9, 2012, 11:40 pm

    Worked at CVG South Texas for about 7 years. I have no idea how I was there for so long. We had the Directv project horrible calls for CRG. At one point we had so many people working there we would have to clock into the code SEAT SHORTAGE for I don’t how many hours. Fleas rats in that place. Now that I recall who knows if I ever had hours missing after all they do add up after 7 years.

  • Loser May 15, 2012, 1:30 pm

    I feel like such a loser for having given this company four years of back-breaking work. NEVER HAVE SEEN such a ruthless bunch of crooks. Those that are there are in good company, liars and thieves.

  • Rattus July 9, 2012, 2:19 am

    Hello guys! I’m from the Philippines. The training schedule sucks! It’s from 5am to 1pm. After that I have to go to MBA school which is 6pm to 9pm. There’s no time for me to rest or focus in school at all! And add to that, I was often not feeling well.

    The training went well so far, but the account (financial) was shit! I get so disillusioned because they advertise a specific account, and when you’re hired they give you the account that ‘suits you best’.

    Some of my colleagues were from a different account. To put it this way: CREATIVE TERMINATION. They were forced to transfer here even if their place of residence was impossibly far from the workplace.

    I felt like I was being treated like a slave, to work myself to death for the company’s benefit. And if I screw up, that’s termination and grounds for paying the bond of 20 thousand Philippine Pesos. Does my well-being matter at all? I’m just another expendable asset to them right?

    I lasted for only a month and two paychecks and did not bother to show up on the subsequent week (July 2012). Must I really force myself to work there if my health is being affected? One of my colleagues, because of the risque nature of the schedule got mugged but was not harmed. I had the same experience with another call center in 2006, at night, and I was almost shot because I struggled to keep my bag.

    So now I have to pay the training bond. This is slavery! I will just seek legal advice here and see what can be done. Based on the letter that they sent me today, there could still be ground for me to continue if my reason is valid. But would I!

  • SHELLY July 25, 2012, 4:47 am

    I am a former employee of the Charlotte, NC facility and we handled the ONStar contract. Convergys is an absolute terror. First of all I was there for 3 years and never recieved health insurance. They told me that I missed enrollment 3 times. But each time I questioned them about benefits they would give me the run around. I was also was given time off by my TL to visit with my son who was returning from Iraq. When I returned, my TL had resigned and the new TL would not honor the time off so I was given 7 points.
    Over a 6 month period my log in numbers would not operate, so I was asked to use another number not associated to me at all, or I was asked to assist with questions of other associats until the problem was rectified. Well six motnhs into the issue, I was told that for 4 days I was not logged in and they had no record of why, so I would have to sign a write up and take for points. I kept a log of the entire six months of system issues, but this particular day all of my log sheets had been erased from the system. ( how convenient).
    So Im walking in every day on pins and needles but every day there is a problem with something. I got nothing but great revues from the customers but for some reason, all of my metrix numbers were awful. My metrix numbers didnt match the numbers that my TL had recorded either. Every time I came to work there was some type of complaint.

    On that crazy Monday, I came to work and all hell broke loose. I was told that my schedule had changed and I clocked in 3 hours late and that gave me the 12 points that warrant terination. If Im off on Friday Saturday and Sunday and you make a Schedule change on Friday, how am I supposed to know. Why wasnt I called? Their remark was that I should always check the schedule.

    I looked at the OM and my TL and told them both that I was tired of the ignorant things that were happening. And the situation was causing a great deal of stress. At this time they told me that I was terminated. I had given my room mate my car for the day to drive 3 hours out of town, I always took my lunch, so I didnt bother to bring money because of the constant thefts that took place, so I was left to walk the 12 miles back to my apartment.

    The work at convergys is awsome and I enjoyed the customers and assisting them. But the management at convergys sucks. You are not trained to succeed but you are trained to fail. They eventually fired my roomate as well. She had worked for convergys when the Comapany was called Sitel. So she was there from day one, I guess about 8 years. And she was fired for call avoidance on a day that she was not scheduled to work. Since she had been there for 8 years she was maxed out on salary and it was there intention to get rid of her. Her salary was more than they wanted to pay.

    I was there for all those years and never recieved healthbenefits.
    What kind of company does this type of thing to people. Are the companies that they contract aware of how they treat the people who work there and represent them? Does General Motors, Comcast and others know that Convergys treats their employees this way? This is the question I have.

  • Eyeseewhoyoureallyarenow August 19, 2012, 12:06 pm

    I have been thru the same issues that some or all of you have.
    I am still there, my FMLA leave will end soon as they have warned me.
    I have had three major surg in my brain,I have lost my vision and many other health relaed issues since I have been there. I also had an on the job injury, they declined because I could not remember the date it happend or days when I would tell my TL that my injury was hurting.
    Problem is I never knew it was work related till now.
    Now they are harrassing me to come back to work from my FMLA or I will be terminated. I am still under Dr’s care and living at a Hospital right now.
    They want me to return so they can tell me I am terminated for some REASON they make up….I don’t think so.
    See ya in court!

  • Billie M Walters August 28, 2012, 4:45 pm

    I started working for this company over 5 years ago and fired in May. Now I have been denied umemployment because they claim I violated 2 hippa questions. It is bull sh–. I use to work on my own time to get the work done and so did others. We did their vision insurance and had to lie to customers about who they where talking to. Such as Blue View Vision. I worked my buns off with back to back calls and had just received to descent raise. Why would anyone think that I would do that after being there for over 5 yearswithin a one month period. When I started they were hiring anyone off the street. Which proved what type of company they are. I had to take medical leave to have my knee replaced and they cut off my insurance. I agree the management sucks and will say anything to get rid of you. I had at lease 8 or 9 team leads while there, they went thru people like crazy. One day a girl asked if she could get off early because child was sick at daycare and they would not let her without taking points. We also were promised UTO(16 hours of unpaid time off every 3 month period) and for the last 2 years it was closed so if you were sick you had to take points. My computer company came in one day and realized that they were taking out the taxes for the city and county in the wrong place, so I got my taxes changed by Convergys and thats when my problem started.
    They were screwing the county and city where i live because I was a home agent. Before they put the new Estart in the system, I worked overtime all the time on my own time just to get the work done. I believe my age and houyrly wage didn’t help. We did insurance for Aetna, Anthem, Humana and Blue View which is Anthem plus Eyemed. I did not like lying to people, it made me sick. I never missed a day this year and they treat people like garbage. I still have my list for the last 2 years. I kept good records and will be calling a lot of people about this company. I will be checking into another law suit against this company.

  • Progressive August 30, 2012, 8:13 pm

    Convergys is the absolute WORST Company in the WORLD to work for. The call center in Wichita, Kansas is run like a sweat shop and management is unprofessional, loud, uncouth, unethical and lacks real people and management skills. The turnover rate there is 90 percent and they are always hiring because of it. They have old antiquated systems and poor training with unrealistic expectations for new hires to learn more than 22 systems that either run to slow or don’t work at all. Seriously, it’s a ZOO there and every day, some loud mouth team leader is yelling and hollering in the isle of the cubical while reps are on the phone trying to help customers. One customer actually asked why isit so loud and noisy there. It sounds so unprofessional and hung up the phone! This call center takes calls for AT&T, Colonial Penn, and some heath care provider. If anyone tries to tell you this a good company to Work For then they are LYING BIG TIME!

  • The Phantome September 7, 2012, 8:51 pm

    I will join the ‘shorting ‘ of overtime class action. Still Directv is an American company letting its CSR’s be from Canada?! I will be dipped when the banks won’t take canadian money. Why in the heck is Convergys to over ran with sexual deviants and people that have different sexual preferences than main stream America? Time to take their TL’s managers and site managers to task and let them go. This in not a rant just time to make things right, send them pot smoking vietnam dodging un-Americans back and let Directv know its time to cut the cable. Right is right! Time to do right and make this right.

  • Sinkingship September 16, 2012, 11:24 pm

    I have worked at the Pharr site for quite some time, we have gone from having 2000 agents to only having 200 agents rumor has it that we are loosing the dtv project cause the director decided it was to hard to manage, needless to say 200 agents will be with out a job!

    • Beppy October 21, 2012, 9:09 am

      Guess that explains why Convergys in Orem UT, which has a DTV account, is hiring 85 new employees. Convergys doesn’t pay commissions on the US Postal Service or NetApp accounts that are there along with DTV.

      According to the Utah Department of Workforce Services on Tuesday, October 16th:

      “Convergys will be in the Provo Employment Center hiring new staff this Thursday, October 18th, from 9:30 AM till Noon.”

      “Convergys is hiring 85 people between now and November 12th. They have sales/customer service positions available;
      pay is $9.00 per hour Mon-Fri, $10.00 per hour Sat & Sun, plus commissions and bonuses. ”

      “In addition to the new hires hourly rate & commissions they will be given a $250.00 retention bonus once they have worked for Convergys for 120 days or longer. ”

      “Convergys also offers tuition reimbursement.”

  • ally September 24, 2012, 4:51 pm

    My husband was a team manager there for 10 yrs before he finally had to leave because of stress. The ploy they use on managers is that they move them around to put out fires all day and they can’t get their jobs done. Then they tell them they will have a bad report for not getting their work done if they don’t “manage ” to get it done–meaning overtime but they didn’t say that. That is overtime without pay of course and some workers are actually doing it to keep their jobs. He quit nnd told them they could have their dysfunctional worlplace.

  • Jason Robinson October 2, 2012, 4:28 pm

    My story is not nearly as bad as others here… But a few things really bothered me. I was told in training that PTO could be used anytime–“Because we had earned it, and it was our time to use.” Needless to say, I applied for PTO 5 times, well in advance, and it was always denied. I liked the upper management there, but the TLs and sales coaches were terrible. They only want you to do it their way. I was written up twice for not using the exact verbiage that my TL used. He stood right behind me and would say word for word what I was supposed to say. And he threatened termination if I didn’t do it his way. To show how ridiculous it was–one statement he always made me say was “Congratulations on your iPhone purchase!” if anyone said they recently got an iPhone, and he said I was disrespectful when I didn’t say it. Then he told me my sales numbers were low because I wasn’t congratulating people when they got an iPhone… ???

  • Allen November 17, 2012, 12:52 pm

    I work for convergys currently and they are butting heads with me about my internet access i have a better connection than most of the team leaders and when doing things other than convergys work NOT AN ISSUE, but as soon as i clock in after around 3-4 hours i get a bottle knecked feeling on the server then get booted, i get told to take a “brix test” which consist on them doing a test to their server and it returns bad, however when i test other sites with a high load i get no packet loss no latency issues nothing. Please of the love of god someone help me should i be getting paid when it seems the issue is on their end and their on the verge of firing me? This is a very serious question as i have to pay child support, bills (because my current wife is about to have my son), and put food on the table. If there is a lawyer looking at this and has an answer for me please reach out to me @ pfc.bass @ gmail . com (remove the spaces) Many thanks in advanced, i really need advice on this topic.

    • disablednotdumb April 29, 2013, 4:45 pm

      Hey, I’m with you. WAH employees are constantly getting booted out of the citrix server. Last Monday, I got booted out and when I tried to get back on, the stupid thumb drive wouldn’t load. I called the “help desk” in India and there is a certain tech there that always tells you its your ISP. I spent the rest of the day having someone go thru my computer, because it wasn’t my ISP. I got a “late/leave early” because he wouldn’t give me a ticket #. I get booted from that system atleast once a day or can’t log on at the start of shift. It is a crappy system and they know it. I am about to expose them and their biggest client “Comcast, NBC” for the outsourcers that they are. MSNBC talked horrible about Mitt Romney costing American jobs??? Convergys and Comcast are the worse!

  • you kno April 8, 2013, 7:35 pm

    I am writing a letter to the EEOC right now about converys and their discrimination against me while i was pregnant. I had fmla and they still gave me points for attendance back in nov. 2012 i was sick and had a dr excuse for 2 days and they didnt even allow me to come back i was fired . i filed for unemployment which they did not want to accept. but after sending in documentation that i had a dr excuse they had to pay me.

  • OneCent April 21, 2013, 8:04 pm

    Wow! to see that I’m not alone with the frustrations and pain this corporation has caused. I was with the company for 6 years taking verbal abuse daily. I helped train and mentor agents continuously for no extra pay. I did it for the love of helping others and I’m such a people person. Even after all the awards for accomplishments and perfect attendance for the whole time I’ve been there, I still was let go for “work performance”. It has been made next to impossible to be able to meet the stats that are required. And as a coach you are expected to be next to perfect even though there is only so much we can do for customers besides documenting cases. I have been accused of call dropping which did not happen however I have never had any write ups or warnings for anything either. Other agents get several write ups and are still there. I have reported several issues to the ethics line, but beware… when they say it’s anonymous, think about it. It gets looked into and then they of course know who it is. I have had so many agents come to me for advice and tell them to please use that line. The higher ups will do anything and everything to get out people they don’t want there. I have nothing to back me up either since I was not given anything and never signed anything. They over hired for the holidays and when the contract was in trouble decide to get people out. There were 11-12 other agents all let go in the same few days. How sad that “needs of the business” is more important than what the person you’re letting go needs. I now have no income and am a middle age woman trying to not lose my home now. I have been going over bills looking at what can be cancelled now and not being very successful at finding another job since now days 50’s are too old to be hired without a degree of some sort. The stress factor is so not healthy. Everything I have been reading in these complaints are so true, including descrimination, favortism, harrassment,humiliation, really slow systems which cause higher talk times and no seats and points given out constantly.I have watched unending amounts of agents being taken out in ambulances from that place, that says alot right there. And to top it all off, when told nothing would leave the HR office when being terminated, it took 1 day for all the phone calls and texts I started receiving about what the TL’s and OM’s and even the Site Director were stating about me…so much for descretion and ethics. Sounds like slander to me, which is very prevelent in that building. Unemployment is still in limbo after almost 5 weeks.

  • disablednotdumb April 29, 2013, 4:54 pm

    My question is: How can we all get in communication? I just filed a complaint with EEOC. And as a work at home agent and in my 50’s, I’m not giving up my disability benefits for these crappy people. I just went through profiles on their 411 look up today and have emails all the way up to the chairman of the board. It is time to “knock down the giant” even though they are huge donors to the Obama Administration. I’m going to call my state legislature because they have been angry at Convergys since they abruptly closed the Baton Rouge call center and put hundreds of people out of work. I hope that last message from 4-21-13 isn’t someone I know.

    • Robin September 7, 2013, 9:59 am

      Please share your emails all the way to the chairman. I too have filed and EEOC lawsuit.

  • fired team leader May 13, 2013, 10:30 pm

    I was fired last Wednesday after working for convergys as a team leader in the valdosta Georgia site for the past 6 years for unsatisfactory performance because my team did not meet the sales goals. The real reason was because I was out on approved fmla due to breast cancer. I have been targeted by an operations manager since November. She just didn’t like me personally. She wanted me gone and she got her wish. Funny they just brought in a new Sr Om from none other than Orem Utah and he did the honors. This is an evil company who care nothing about their employees.

  • joshlin May 20, 2013, 6:22 pm

    Hello past Convergys call center agents, I too worked for Convergys in Florida for 7 months in 2012 and everything that the facts about the company policies and procedures state in the complaint is true. I was fired for reaching the 12 point limit; however, I doubt that number was correct. If you were on the shift that came in at 2-2:30pm there were no seats and one may not start to work until 30min to an hour after your shift began. No one ever told me while in training or otherwise to go to the desk to sign in, in the event there were no seats. I was not paid for those times everytime I worked that shift and probably got points for being late. Almost everyday I had to either move to another seat because of computer issues and sometimes could not find a chair to sit in. I never got 2 days off together. Also if out sick, cannot use your PTO time to cover the absence. At the end of the night, the systems would start going down around 11pm but I worked til 1:00am. That was the most frustrating call center that I have ever worked in the 20 something years that I have worked call centers. They have no empathy for their employees, the very thing they preach about is the agents having empathy for the customers but Convergys had no empathy for their employees unless you were a part of the click. Would have to clock out even though still working with the customer account or be chastized for not clocking out while still working. That was very inconsiderate of them, no empathy. During the pre-sale for the Iphone 5 last year they would change your schedule without your knowledge adding an hour to your shift and if you were off the day before and did not know that was a point. I needed a job but was sort of relieved that they termed me because bills will keep one going to that place. Who are they?

  • glenda June 20, 2013, 10:34 pm

    Im seriously upset. I worked for Convergys for 11 months. I put in for my PTO time in May. It was approved on my schedule so I took the time off. I had no idea that it would give it to me whether I had available or not. Well after my 4 days, my TL calls me to inform me that I wasnt getting PTO and I lost 4 points…….WHAT? You wait til now to tell me. As a single mother I flipped. Well after much consideration I decided to quit. I was finally terminated on June 8th. My problem now is they were having an incentive bonus in April and I sold enough premiums to get a $700 visa card. Now they are telling me since I was terminated in June have you, that I will be disqualified. Can they do that?

  • Stacey August 30, 2013, 11:42 pm

    I currently work for Convergys, but not for long! I’ve worked for over a year for this company, and it has been the worst company I have ever worked for. Last September I was fired, because I didn’t show up for work. It was my day off. I didn’t even know I was fired either, until I finally got a hold of my TL, and he told me I was a “No Show”.
    Evidently they put me on the schedule for the next day, the night before. He told me I have to check my schedule every day for “changes”.. umm.. so, I should wake up in the middle of the night to check my schedule just in case some idiot wants me to work? How about a phone call, and ask me to work?
    Luckily for me, I had a screen shot of my schedule. I always did that so I can print it up, and before I went to bed, around 11:0opm, It showed I was OFF the next day. (Liars)
    I had to argue with my TL and the OM, show proof, etc. Finally, after 6 days, I got my job back. No back pay of course, even though they admitted to making a mistake.
    I’ve worked OT, which didn’t show on my checks and I’ve had to point it out to HR. Two months later I finally get my OT.
    Also, each month I have gotten performance bonuses, and they never put it on the next month’s check.
    Well, I decided to go directly to the company I actually work for through Convergys and applied for a job. The pay is $1.50 more than Convergys pays me, for doing the same work! I got hired today.
    Complete with benefits. Can’t wait to quit.
    People ask me how I could go back after they had fired me, and honestly I wouldn’t have but, there was no way I could find a job that quickly, I have mouths to feed and bills to pay, which I barely made each month with the very low pay, and multiple errors with my checks. I’m afraid to complain about my pay, for fear of being fired again. I’m sure they would find an excuse, like I had a point off for being 5 minutes late. Really, 5 minutes. Aside from that my attendance is perfect, but I get a written warning for it. The attendance policy says the first warning is an Oral Warning. Whatever. Don’t care at this point. My kids are ecstatic I got a new job, I guess Convergys turned me into a scary monster.

  • Robin September 7, 2013, 9:55 am

    Fired during training 1 day prior to graduation. I stood up against the trainers making me stay in a room 8 hrs daily and listen to my co-workers spew expletives all day long. I went to Brad at HR (Longview) filed a complaint. He stated he would get back with me regarding the results. I overheard on the floor that as long as I did not bring it up; it was dropped. I’m currently seeking an atty in Dallas to pursue a lawsuit. Does anyone know if the Class Action Suit has been settled as I cannot find it on the Marshall Docket??? Any emails you would be willing to give me to discuss this would be SUPER. Looking for Longview workers. Trainers are incompetent but they are supervised by AT&T. Anyone have a professional address for Marc Gil, AT&T training supervisor??

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