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Fifth Third Bank Easy Access Loan Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Payday Loan Fees

Fifth Third Bank Customers File Class Action Lawsuit Against Fifth Third Bank Over Allegedly Excessive Fees Charged For Fifth Third Bank’s Easy Access Payday Loans.

A payday loan class action lawsuit complaint has been reportedly filed against Fifth Third Bank (“Fifth Third Bank” or “5/3”) in the United States District Court Northern District of Ohio in Cleveland (styled William Klopfenstein and Adam McKinney v. Fifth Third Bank, Class Action Case No. 12-cv-2007)  alleging, among other things, that Fifth Third Bank charges too much for its Early Access payday loan product, according to Fifth Third Bank Easy Access Loan fee class action lawsuit complaint.

The proposed Fifth Third Bank Easy Access Loan Class is defined as:

All Fifth Third Bank customers in the United States who, within the
applicable statute of limitations preceding the filing of this action to the
date of class certification, used Fifth Third’s Early Access loan program
and repaid their loan in less than 30 days.

The Fifth Third Bank Easy Access payday loan class action lawsuit complaint reportedly asserts claims for alleged breach of contract, fraud, violations of Ohio Rev. Code section 1109, conversion, unjust enrichment and unconscionability.

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  • Valerie Green September 15, 2015, 12:35 pm

    Fifth third Bank constantly would decrease the limit from its Early Access feature without giving any prior warning and changes their regulations on line rather than having you sign a form acknowledging acceptance of its new agreement. When speaking to an Escalation specialist about revoking my early access feature and taking $700.00 dollars of my money for an overdraft of $11.64, he simply told me that the contract that I read to him, I was using semantics. His representative also scolded me with, ” we were going to take it away from our customers”. My response was, but you didn’t and you receive your money and my account is never overdrawn except 2 weeks ago with an negative $11.00. The contract states it shall be revoked if it is continuously overdrawn 10 days or more or 15 days consecutively. My account was negative for 14 days and they still revoked my early access. They are not playing by their own rules. It was very disturbing not to get an apology from the customer service representative when speaking to the Manager of the Escalation team, he defended her although he had not heard the conversation. Needless to say, I am closing my account with them pronto.

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