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Popchips Class Action Settlement | Kelly v. Popchips All Natural Snacks Lawsuit

If You Purchased Popchips Snacks, You May Be Entitled to Benefits from the Kelly v. Popchips All Natural Class Action Lawsuit Settlement.

popchips class action lawsuit settlement

Popchips, Inc. (“Defendant”) has reportedly agreed to a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit against Popchips in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Kansas City (captioned as Tonya Kelly, et al. v. Popchips, Inc., Case No. 1316-CV11037) alleging, among other things, that Popchips marketed and labeled popchips snack products as an “all natural” and “healthier” food that contained “no preservatives” and “no artificial flavors or colors” which was allegedly misleading since popchips snacks purportedly contained artificial and synthetic ingredients, were highly processed and contained too much fat, according to the Popchips class action settlement notice.

The proposed Popchips settlement class reportedly includes, unless otherwise excluded, all of those persons who reside in the U.S. and who purchased any of the following eligible popchips brand snacks in the U.S. between January 1, 2007 and November 14, 2013:

  • original
  • sour cream & onion
  • barbeque
  • sea salt & vinegar
  • sweet potato
  • parmesan & garlic
  • jalapeno
  • cheddar
  • salt & pepper
  • chili lime
  • thai sweet chili
  • brown sugar & spice
  • nacho cheese tortilla chips
  • ranch tortilla chips
  • salsa tortilla chips
  • chili limón tortilla chips
  • katy’s kettle corn
  • salted caramel corn
  • hint of butter corn chips
  • cheddar corn chips
  • sea salt corn chips
  • salsa corn chips
  • sea salt rice chips
  • wasabi rice chips
  • golden cheddar multi grain chips
  • salted multi grain chips
  • olive oil veggie chips
  • tuscan herb veggie chips
  • sea salt veggie chips

The Popchips class action settlement reportedly provides that the defendant will pay $2.4 million in cash and vouchers to Pop chips settlement class members who timely (by July 7, 2014) file valid claims. Settlement class members can choose between a cash option of $1 per bag bought (maximum of 10 bags per household) or a voucher to receive two $1 bags of Pop chips Snacks (up to a maximum of bag per household).  Pop chips has also reportedly agreed to change certain of its marketing and packaging relating Pop chips Snacks.  Claim forms are available online for download or for online submission on the settlement website.

For additional information about the Popchips class action settlement you can write the Settlement Administrator at Popchips Settlement, PO Box 3076, Faribault, MN 55021-2676, call 1-877-465-4896, or visit the settlement website at popchipssettlement.com

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