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Lenovo Class Action Lawsuit Settlement | Lenovo Settlement of Ultrabook Ideapad Laptop Computer Wi-Fi Litigation

If You Purchased A Lenova Ideapad Ultrabook Computer Laptop model U310 or U410, Your Rights May Be Affected By The Lenova Class Action Settlement.

Lenovo (United States), Inc. has reportedly agreed to a settlement of a consumer class action lawsuit filed against Lenovo in the United States District Court for the Central District of California (styled as Kaesuta, et al. v. Lenovo (United States) Inc., Case No. SACV 13-00316-CJC (RNBx) alleging, among other things, that Lenovo sold certain Ultrabook computers that had a design defect that affected the Wi-Fi performance of the computers, according to the Lenovo class action settlement notice.

The Lenovo Ultrabook Ideapad Laptop Computer Wi-Fi class action settlement reportedly includes, unless otherwise excluded, people who bought either a Lenovo Ideapad model U310 computer or Lenovo Ideapad model U410 computer.

The Lenovo class action settlement reportedly provides that class members who file valid claims can elect to recover a cash refund of $100 or a $250 credit certificate towards the purchase of products on Lenovo.com.  Alternatively, Lenovo class action settlement members who have not previously returned the Lenovo computer for repair of the wireless capability and who wish to have it repaired due to persistent Wi-Fi connectivity issues, can file claims to have their Lenovo repaired at no cost.  Lenovo settlement class members can also file claims to recover reimbursement of out of pocket expenses incurred to repair their Wi-Fi problems.  Lenovo settlement class members who file valid claims may also have the warranty on their Lenovo computer extended.

For more information about the Lenovo class action settlement, write the Lenovo class action settlement Administrator at Lenovo Laptop Wi-Fi Settlement c/o Berdon Claims Administration LLC, P.O. Box 9014 Jericho, NY 11753-8914, call the Lenovo settlement administrator at (800) 605-2008, fax them at (516) 931-0810 or email the Lenovo settlement administrator at lenovosettlement@berdonclaims.com or visit the Lenovo settlement website at www.lenovolaptopwifisettlement.com.

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