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KitchenAid Class Action Lawsuit Settlement of Bornstein v. Whirlpool KitchenAid Stand Mixer Lawsuit

If You Bought, Received or Acquired a KitchenAid Brand Stand Mixer Marketed With A Horsepower Designation, You May Be Entitled to Benefits From The KitchenAid Class Action Lawsuit Settlement.

Whirlpool Corporation has reportedly agreed to a proposed settlement of a consumer class action lawsuit against it in the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Miami-Dade Florida (captioned as Stuart Bornstein v. Whirlpool Corporation, Case No. 12-1532 CA 42) alleging, among other things, that Whirlpool over-stated the horsepower of certain 6-qt., 7-qt., and 8-qt. KitchenAid -brand stand mixers manufactured by Whirlpool and marketed with a horsepower designation, purportedly in violation of consumer protection statutes and in breach of express warranty, according to the KitchenAid stand mixer horsepower class action settlement notice.

Who Is Included In The KitchenAid Class Action Settlement?

The KitchenAid mixer settlement class reportedly includes, unless otherwise excluded, all persons in the United States and its territories who before June 18, 2014 either (1) purchased a Mixer or (2) received a Mixer as a gift or (3) acquired possession of a Mixer through other lawful means.

What Settlement Benefits Does The KitchenAid Class Action Settlement Provide?

The KitchenAid stand mixer class action settlement reportedly provides, among other things, that Whirlpool will change its records to extend the written warranty two years for all covered KitchenAid mixers and will provide on its website and in marketing materials that reference horsepower the following statement:

“Motor horsepower for our mixer motors was measured using a dynamometer, a machine laboratories routinely use to measure the mechanical power of motors. Our 1.3 horsepower (HP) motor reference reflects the horsepower rating of the motor itself and not the mixer’s horsepower output to the mixer bowl. This robust motor, the backbone of our new mixer, delivers .44 HP to the bowl enabling your mixer to deliver consistent power to small and large loads with less heat build-up; resulting in years of dependable mixing. When combined with and guided by our new advanced motor control board, this is our longest lasting and most efficient motor yet. Simply put, our new, highly efficient, special purpose motor delivers the power you need when you need it.”

Where Can You Obtain More Information About The KitchenAid Class Action Settlement?

For more information about the KitchenAid settlement, write to the  Bornstein v. Whirlpool settlement administrator  at P.O. Box 43281, Providence, RI 02940-3281, or visit the KitchenAid settlement website at www.mixersettlement.com.

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  • mary (emerald) December 6, 2014, 2:46 pm

    the article is very correct , the 7qt 1.3 hp is not as strong as the horsepower printed on the box and when open the box there is a very small sticker which does label the LESSER power output. we received your letter and was shocked that it did not apply to Canada , oddly after contact to the kitchenaid various sites . not very helpful are they’ taking the unit back , used it twice for small 4 loaves of basic recipe size , the second time used at the “”” another small sticker stuck on the Styrofoam packing was use at #2 speed read why in info ” / it is possible that the company may have previously known of the limited power output of the 7qt unit . just so angry and extremely disappointed with this product , purchased at a Restaurant /Chef Supply store . will take it back and see what they do too~!

  • bri February 7, 2015, 9:02 am

    I need a claim form because I lost mine.

    • emerald February 25, 2015, 10:22 pm

      send the request to the address above ,it is probably Whirlpool (kitchen aid products)or the court should have both addresses if no luck with whirlpool. keep a copy of the request ,maybe consider registering that land mail or keep copy of net mail =mixersettlement site or take a picture of that net mail sent (as a back up ~in case of lost) the kitchen aid company had a “no quibble clause ” during the registered product ‘limited warranty ‘ years . if you have net mailed , previously the kitchen aid company about 7qt pro mixer {or other stand mixer ) then phone them for a replacement stand mixer if you wish too .went the replacement arrives , they should also send you back a prepaid mail tag for you to send back the unit that you may not be content with. for any other usa only settlement issue and forms , just contact them . we got the mail out too but that border is just a bit away .. but they did replace the one we needed to be replaced and yes some of the online staff could do much better in the consumer affairs department especially responding to frustrated customers . the other thing is that the replacement has the wording on the box reprinted , and the dough hook is a bit thinner thus the bread dough doesn’t seem to go up to the main top of mixer . and the power is still the closely the same just the box and hook is a tiny bit different. no quibble clause find out more of that . all the best to you and your progress .

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